TIRAK mobile winch  
  In North America, this unit is known as GRIPWINCH mobile winch.

The TIRAK mobile winch is the ideal lifting and pulling device for frequently-changed operating positions on site.

Anchoring and operation of the TIRAK mobile unit with its special TIRAK wire rope is quick and versatile. Once in position it is designed to automatically turn in the direction of line pull and for the tension and rope speed to remain constant at all times.

The outstanding features of the TIRAK mobile winch make it a most versatile unit;  it can be used like a conventional winch as well as a materials hoist.  It is the ideal solution for lifting and pulling applications in the installation of lift shafts, for tensioning conveyor belts, to operate large hangar doors, to move stage settings, to pull undergroumd power lines, in building, construction and civil engineering.

The special TIRAK steel wire rope supplied with the TIRAK has been designed and manufactured to extremely fine tolerances demanded by the TRACTEL group for use with the machine.

Motorised mobile winch with built in automatic wire rope storage reeler and special TIRAK wire rope







  • Terminal switch (A) for limiting the height of lift wherever desired.
  • Terminal switch (B) switches off when it is passed by the rope termination ensuring that the rope cannot accidentally pay out fully.
  • Overload trip (C) is OPTIONAL.
  • Emergency lowering in power failure at a controlled speed.
  • Electrical system suitable for use on building sites. The motor and controls are protected class IP54.
  Technical Data (Data for North America in brackets):

Capacities: 300 kg (700 lbs) - 500 kg (1000 lbs) - 700 kg (1500 lbs) - 1t - 2t - 3t
Speeds: 9 m/min. (36 ft/min.) - 18 m/min. (72 ft/min.), other speeds and 2 speed motors available
Motors: Electric: single phase, up to 700 kg (1500 lbs), or 3 phase
            Air motors for 300 kg (700 lbs) - 500 kg (1000 lbs) and 800 kg (2000 lbs)
            Hydraulic motors for 1t and 3t
Wire rope: 8 mm up to 700 kg (1500 lbs) - 9 mm for 1t - 14 mm for 3t
Reelers (mobile winch): free reelers for up to 60/80 m capacity (200 -270 ft) depending on the       diameter of wire rope driven reelers for up to 250 m capacity (800 ft