Motorised TIRFOR machines

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In Germany the TIRFOR is known as GREIFZUG
and in North America as GRIPHOIST

  Motorised TIRFOR machines are based on the manual TIRFOR TU model but with strengthened components together with a specially designed power-operated self-reciprocating ram.

Motorised TIRFOR machines:

  • save time and manpower
  • avoid operator fatigue
  • give continuous operation
  • increase operating precision

Hydraulic TIRFOR:
The TIRFOR is connected to a hydraulic power pack which allows remote operation, either singly or with 2 or 4 machines together, each fitted with a self-reciprocating ram. The power pack may have a petrol engine or an electric motor.

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Pneumatic TIRFOR:

For operations on construction sites and in industries where there is a danger of explosions or where compressed air facilities are already available.

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Technical data: Motorised TIRFOR machines

U.S.A.                                      In North America TIRFOR machines are known as GRIPHOIST


Lifting Capacity (lbs.)

Weight with ram

Dia. of wire rope

  TU28H 4000 64 7/16"
  TU32H 8000 114 5/8"
  TU32P 7200 194 5/8"

Rest of the world                       
Rest of the world                        In Germany TIRFOR machines are known as GREIFZUG  

Lifting Capacity (kg.)

Weight with ram

Dia. of wire rope

  TU16H* 1600 29 11.5
  TU32H* 3200 52 16.3
  TU32P* 3200 88 16.3
Specification for guidance.
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*CE marked for the European Union

Operating requirements from an existing hydraulic supply:

  • pressure: 120 - 140 bars/2200 - 2600 psi (TU16H); 90 - 100 bars/1700 - 1900 psi (TU32H)
  • flow: 13 l/min./3.4 gal/min.
  • hydraulic oil: 2 to 5 Engler, viscosity at 50C
  • viscosity index: over 100
  • filter: 40 microns

Operating requirements for air supply:

  • air pressure: maximum 6 bars/112 psi
  • air flow: 680 l/min/24cfm
  • connection on 1/2" quick coupling on compressed air hoses


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TIRFOR: wire rope lifting and pulling machines.
In Germany, Tirfor is known as GREIFZUG and in North America as GRIPHOIST

The TIRFOR machine was invented and patented by Mr Simon Faure at the time of the second world war. The TIRFOR is a multipurpose manually operated wire rope lever hoist. It works by pulling directly on the rope, the pull applied by two pairs of jaws exerting a grip on the rope in proportion to the load lifted or pulled.

With minimum effort all sorts of operations can be performed easily.....pulling, lifting, lowering, tensioning....

Any length of rope may be used in a TIRFOR with operation always under the control of the user. Movement is controlled to the last millimetre and the equipment can be carried and operated by one man. The TIRFOR is of rugged construction requiring little maintenance.

The TIRFOR has several major advantages:

  • ease of handling and operation

  • any height of lift or length of pull

  • precise operation

  • operation in any direction

There's always a job for the TIRFOR machine!