TIRVIT pulling and tensioning devices

The TIRVIT is also sold under the trademark EASYPULL in North America.

Principle of Tirvit:
The Tirvit consists of a guide frame to which a lever is hinged, operating alternately two self gripping jaws which hold the wire rope.

Each movement of the lever moves the jaws in opposite directions on the frame. One jaw pulls the cable or wire rope whilst the other moves freely in the other direction to grip it in its turn when the operation of the lever is reversed.

Main applications:
Electricity and telephone:
Tensioning electrical conductors, telephone lines and long span lines.

Agriculture and forestry:
Tensioning netting, fencing stays and fruit support wires (e.g. vines). Pulling out stakes, uprooting stumps, bushes etc. together with certain light handling operations.

For certain operations, it is sometimes useful to employ a separate self-gripping jaw fitting with a shackle.

Options: The TIRVIT F3 can be supplied fitted with an incorporated load indicator to allow the operator to check the pulling effort.

Specification (conversions from metric to U.S. measurements are approximate):

Model Pulling capacity Wire rope dia. Weight
kg lbs mm ins kg lbs
F2 400 880 from  5 to 8 0.2 to 0.31 4 8.8
F3 600 1320 from 7 to 15 0.2 to 0.59 5.2 11.5
F4 800 1760 from 14 to 18 0.55 to 0.70 6.2 13.7
TIROPE 500 1100 12.5 0.50 4.2 9.3