The TIRFOR heavy duty range: TU series

The powerful TIRFOR TU range is found wherever there is a need for lifting or pulling heavy loads: on construction sites, in civil engineering, the armed forces and many more industries. TIRFOR machines are quickly installed to give continuous controlled operation in any position and under the most arduous conditions.

The TIRFOR TU range of machines is used for heavy duty applications whenever there is a need for lifting or pulling heavy loads over long periods in difficult conditions.
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Technical data for the TIRFOR range:


Technical data: TIRFOR machines - T500 and TU series

only for materials handling

  U.S.A.                In North America TIRFOR machines are known as GRIPHOIST

Lifting Capacity (lbs.)

Weight with operating handle (lbs.)

Dia. of wire rope

    T508 2000 17 5/16"
    T516 4000 35 7/16"
    T532 8000 58 5/8"
    TU17 2000 21 5/16"
    TU28 4000 45 7/16"
    TU32 8000 65 5/8"


  Rest of the world       In Germany TIRFOR machines are known as GREIFZUG  

Lifting Capacity (kg.)

Weight with operating handle (kg.)

Dia. of wire rope

    T508D* 800 7.6 8.3
    T516D* 1600 15.8 11.5
    T532D* 3200 26.3 16.3
    TU 8* 800 9.4 8.3
    TU16* 1600 20.4 11.5
    TU32* 3200 29.4 16.3
    Specification for guidance.
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*CE marked for the European Union


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TIRFOR: wire rope lifting and pulling machines.
In Germany, Tirfor is known as GREIFZUG and in North America as GRIPHOIST

The TIRFOR machine was invented and patented by Mr Simon Faure at the time of the second world war. The TIRFOR is a multipurpose manually operated wire rope lever hoist. It works by pulling directly on the rope, the pull applied by two pairs of jaws exerting a grip on the rope in proportion to the load lifted or pulled.

With minimum effort all sorts of operations can be performed easily.....pulling, lifting, lowering, tensioning....

Any length of rope may be used in a TIRFOR with operation always under the control of the user. Movement is controlled to the last millimetre and the equipment can be carried and operated by one man. The TIRFOR is of rugged construction requiring little maintenance.

The TIRFOR has several major advantages:

  • ease of handling and operation

  • any height of lift or length of pull

  • precise operation

  • operation in any direction

There's always a job for the TIRFOR machine!